Hawk Flies Through Open Door & Scares The Hell Out Of Unsuspecting Guitar Player

Hawk attacks
Nikki Kundanmal

Usually as an up-and-coming musician, you welcome in anyone that would listen and sit in as your audience.

Though I’m sure this woman was flattered that her music could bring a wild animal into her home like it’s a Disney movie, she probably only felt that appreciation after she finished screaming and running in terror.

The guitar player in the video is named Nikki Kundanmal, and she looked to be having quite the relaxing afternoon up until the wild animal encounter. Prior to the bird attack, her laptop was out, food was sitting in a bowl next to her, and the vibes were high.

Nikki did a wonderful job chronicling the whole thing, adding suspense to the minute and a half long video by zooming in on the large bird in the background. The hawk first landed on her balcony rail, then appeared to start sizing up that tasty bowl of food she had next to her as she strummed on her guitar.

Another funny part of the clip is that Kundanmal was likely recording herself to track progress on her guitar playing and to see how she sounded. She even at one point ceases playing and slumps over her instrument, with a caption overlayed saying:

“Contemplating giving up guitar. Please hold.”

She gets back to it shortly after taking a break, and the strum of her strings perfectly hides the sound of the hawk moving in from the balcony undetected to a side table in her home behind her.

The whole thing really plays out like a typical horror film, where the audience can see the trouble unfolding behind the scenes and the main character remains oblivious.

For a second, the hawk just stays put right on the table in the background, looking around as if to say:

“Wow, you’ve got a really nice place. What do you pay per month?”

Then things get really interesting. Nikki’s dog begins to bark after it spots the hawk in the house. Her pet is literally trying to save it’s owner’s life, and Kundanmal just leans down to the barking animal (who I think is named Kushy) and says:

“Kush, hey, nuh-uh, no barking, no barking, nuh-uh. Hey, sit. Sit! Kushy, Jesus.”

As she tries to quiet her dog down, all hell breaks loose, and the hawk finally stops messing around and flies onto the bowl of food. The rush and sound of the hawk’s feathers flapping finally alerts Nikki that a wild bird has made its way into her apartment.

As one would naturally react, she absolutely freaks out when she turns to her right and comes face to face with a rather large hawk. Nikki lets out a scream from deep within, and as she retreats with her guitar, she accidentally knocks over her drink which starts to spill out on the table and underneath her laptop.

Though that’s tragic (she says “RIP Laptop” at one point in the video), losing her computer is the least of her worries at the moment. She apparently shouts for help from her roommate, and she then reveals with a caption on the video that the person she lived with moved out months before this happened.

Funny what panic and fear can do to you.

Now off camera (with the hawk chowing down on the bowl of food), Kundanmal starts into a combination of screaming and hyperventilating. She freaks out again when her dog, who is either named Kush or Kushy, goes after the bird and tries to jump up on the table where the hawk is perched.

As that happens, the hawk flies off somewhere else in the apartment, and the dog jumping on the table knocks the food off and onto the ground. It looks like Nikki then pulls the dog away from danger while you can hear the hawk squawking somewhere off in the distance. Based on the background noise, it sounds like Nikki took herself and her dog into another room while the hawk tried to figure out an escape plan.

The hawk first knocks into the sliding glass door and flies off to the right of the screen. It takes a second to gather its bearings and then remembers that it came through the other side of the door and flies back out. For a moment, the hawk sits on the railing of the porch once again before finally flying off into the sky to terrorize some other poor person with their apartment door open.

And fortunately for the internet, her phone was set up the whole time and captured the absolute madhouse that was her apartment for a good minute and a half. The video begins with a caption overlayed above, stating:

“Having the most chaotic day of my life was not on my 2023 bingo card.” 

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