Farm Goat Screams, Drags A Weighted Post Behind It While Running Away After Getting Zapped By Electric Fence

YouTube/Brett Myers

For starters, I’m not here to speak on the morality of videotaping a goat that you know is about to get zapped by an electric fence…

But I am here to speak on how funny the noise it made afterwards was.

A man named Brett Myers (probably not the old Phillies pitcher) has posted a total of one video to his YouTube channel since opening it in 2016, but man was it a good one.

Filming on what I assume to be his farm, he captures a short clip of a goat trying to sneak a few blades of grass from under the enclosures’ fence. But unknown to the goat, this isn’t just any fence: It’s electric (boogie woogie, woogie).

My guess is the fence was just installed to stop the animals from sneaking out and this was the goat’s first experience with it, but there’s no doubt about it being his last time testing the boundaries.

Despite plenty of green grass in the pasture, the goat just has to get those just outside his reach, and when he reached his nose out it nicked one of the wires and it was off to the races.

As the goat sprints away, it makes a noise that can only be described as a dad stubbing his toe, falling ungracefully to the floor in an embarrassing moment that will be told at family gatherings until the end of time.

The goat also gets absolute clotheslined by the leash attached to a weighted post which I assume was supposed to keep it away from the fence – but didn’t work.

Fortunately, the goat appeared to be fine (it would be silly to have a fence that would actually harm the animals) so were all left with nothing more than a hilarious video to kick off the weekend.

Cheers, everyone.

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