Paddleboarder Is Way Too Excited To See A Venomous Sea Snake Swimming Right Up To Him

Sea Snake
YBS Youngbloods

There are a plethora of ways you can react to seeing a massive sea snake swimming right towards your paddleboard while you are floating in the middle of the ocean:

-If you are like me, you would be very confused because you had no idea sea snakes existed. Thus, you could possibly (even if it’s just for a moment) think you are dreaming.

-You could be terrified and start trying to get the boat going in the opposite direction as quickly as possible.

-You could be like this guy, and for some reason be super pumped that a huge snake is coming right at your boat and even threatening to get into it at some points.

This guy (Aussie) is cut from a different cloth, because no one in their right mind should be this ecstatic seeing something that could kill you coming your way. Sea snakes, also sometimes called Coral Reef snakes, have fully adapted to live in the water and interestingly enough, cannot move on land.

Oh, and back to the part about them being killers. Almost all sea snakes are venomous, meaning this guy could have had one of the last things he ever saw be a huge, slithering, swimming snake coming right towards him.

He should have been petrified, but instead he said this:

“He’s just coming straight at me. Oh, how intimidating is this? Yes! Look at this, a big ole dog.”

He mentioned how intimidating it was while simultaneously being too stoked to be intimidated. Pretty heady play by the paddleboarder if you ask me.

His commentary only gets better as the video goes along. This is what he says (or the noises that he makes) as it swims up to the side of his board and starts to try to wiggle on:

“Ayy, ayy, ahh. Ayy, come on mate. *unintelligible noises*

That is so sick, phew. See you later bud. Yes! Woo! Oh, I love that so much. He was just coming straight at me.”

Once the humongous Sea snake turns away and leaves, the guy continues to speak highly about it and somehow gathers himself enough to start spitting fun facts out:

“What he’s doing, this time of year, they’re looking for a mate. And those old dogs, they don’t have the advantage anymore over the young ones, so they get so, so frustrated. If you are ever going to get bitten, that’s when you’ll get bitten.”

Well, I’ve learned two things after seeing this video:

-Sea snakes are more aggressive during mating season

-I’m never going into the ocean again

Take a look:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock