School Of Fish Viciously Swarm Apple That Is Thrown Off Oil Rig

Fish apple
Michael Young Brown

Well that’s a little scary…

Oil rigs have always been fascinating to me just because even after I read about the infrastructure, I still don’t understand how a structure can just be built in the middle of the ocean.

Now, I’m also learning that all kinds of sea creatures hang out and around offshore oil rigs, adding another interesting level to the ocean structures.If you are like me, you might be wondering why there are a bunch of fish just waiting underneath an oil rig.

Turns out, the concrete and steel structures that hold up oil rigs (as controversial as they can be) can act as a hard surface that marine organisms then attach themselves to.

As time goes on, the structures can become covered in marine life, which then creates somewhat of an ecosystem and becomes an inviting place for algae, fish, and other marine organisms.

So, these hundreds if not thousands of fish could be hanging close to the rig because they already live there, or they could also have become accustomed to having food and scraps thrown over the side of offshore drilling location.

Either way, I don’t think that one apple is going to feed all of those fish, but it is incredible to watch them converge so quickly on the small fruit. I’d be interested to see what happens if they threw something a little bit larger overboard.

The video’s caption on Twitter states:

“What happens when you throw an apple from an offshore oil rig.”

Twitter users were astonished by the quick-acting fish underneath the oil rig, with comments saying:

Only reason I included that last one is because I’ve actually now covered all three of those stories (deer eating snake, seagull eating squirrel) for Whiskey Riff.

That tweet really hit home…

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