Alligator Charges Out Of Pond Full Sprint At South Carolina Fisherman

Alligator charges fisherman

I’d say that fisherman is going to either call it a day or at least find another pond to wet some lines at after this heart-pounding encounter.

Fishing stories are commonly exaggerated, but this angler will have the video to prove it when he tells his buddies that he got charged at by an alligator.

The fisherman was casting some lines in a pond in Hilton Head, South Carolina when this Low-country high speed chase went down. As you’ll see in the video, the man had already started to walk away from the pond when the alligator started to approach him.

As he kept his eye on the gator and turned to walk up the small incline, the reptile burst out of the water and lunged at fisherman shortly before stopping once it got about two thirds of the way up the hill.

There were plenty of witness to the close encounter, which took place in a community of Hilton Head by a pond that sits amongst the many homes of the neighborhood.

Those that happened to be walking in the area got their phones out as they saw the medium-sized alligator swimming and tracking down the man on the shore.

Thankfully the man had a pretty good idea that the gator was coming towards him since he already had his fishing pole and other belongings in hand as he walked away from the pond. That walk turned into more of a nervous run once the alligator decided to give the man a scare.

The chase down didn’t last long, with the man getting a safe distance away and the gator giving up after a relatively short attempt to catch the fisherman. It might have been a short run, but that alligator was absolutely booking it.

A study by the University of Florida’s Food and Agricultural sciences states that alligators usually can only run short distances, and their top speeds during that limited exertion is usually around 7 to 10 miles per hour.

And that is terrifying. Good thing they can only usually run in short bursts.

Pretty soon after the gator reaches the top of the small hill, it returns to the water, presumably waiting for the next fisherman to scare.

Take a look:

That one guy in the red shirt seemed a little too happy that the fisherman got chased down. Deep down, I bet he was rooting for the alligator.

Some officials in the area have suggested that the alligator has possibly been fed by humans, which takes away the fear of people that the reptiles usually have.

I don’t know how many times I have to say this in Riff Outdoor articles: please, for the love of all that is all holy, don’t mess with the wildlife.

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