Tommy Prine’s Acoustic ‘Back Porch Sessions’ Will Get You Fired Up For His Debut Album

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Tommy Prine’s debut album finally drops this Friday, and I am PUMPED.

In fact, there are very few albums over the last several years that have had me this excited. Titled This Far South, Prine’s inaugural record features 11 tracks full of hard hitting lyricism and sonically satisfying melodies, and if the four singles that have already been released are any indication, it is going to be something truly special.

I had the pleasure of catching Tommy Prine perform back in December 2021 when he was opening for American Aquarium at the Radio Room in Greenville, SC.

As he played his unreleased original music to a sold out room, some of which is going to be included on the album, I was amazed by his ability to command the room with just an acoustic guitar and his powerfully unassuming vocals.

Despite being in an extremely nascent stage of his career, there was something special about the way Prine carried himself on stage, working the audience with songs and stories.

I haven’t had another opportunity to see him play yet, I have been looking forward to him releasing more music ever since. And as we approach the release of This Far South, Prine recently joined Garden & Gun magazine at their headquarters in Charleston, SC to play a few songs as part of their Back Porch Sessions series.

And trust me, if you haven’t already seen it, you’re not going to want to miss this.

Playing two songs from his forthcoming album and a couple other originals titled “Holding On To More” and “Gandalf” that will not be included, Prine vulnerably shares the stories behind the tunes in an intimate setting that garners a bit of the magic I witnessed at the Radio Room well over a year ago.

With stories of redemption, love, loss, and so much more, Tommy Prine’s This Far South is shaping up to be an emotion evoking masterpiece that is just a couple of days away from manifestation.

If you liked what you just heard but have not given his music a listen yet otherwise, see below for the upcoming album’s tracklist and the singles that Prine has released thus far.


“Crashing Again”

“This Far South”

“Reach the Sun”

“By the Way”

“Mirror and a Kitchen Sink”


“Some Things”

“Letter to My Brother”

“Cash Carter Hill”

“I Love You, Always”

Get ready for the whole album to drop soon, and be on the lookout for Prine’s “This Far South” music video as well.

And while we’re at it, check out Prine’s assiduous ode to his father, “Ships in the Harbor.”

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