Small Bird Somehow Escapes After Being Pulled Underwater By Shark

Shark attacks bird
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Talk about an escape act…

It looked like this bird was a sitting duck (pretty funny huh?) with this shark circling it, and for a few short moments as it gets pulled under the water, it appeared that its goose was cooked (two in one sentence?).

Anyways, the video begins with the small bird doing its best to swim away from the shark in hot pursuit. You might be thinking “why doesn’t the bird just fly off,” and that’s a fair question. I was actually wondering the same thing.

However, something is clearly keeping the small bird from flying off and away from the menacing shark, so it does its best to tread water and avoid becoming the sea creature’s next meal. The bird is unable to pick up a ton of speed because of its size, but does a pretty impressive job of swimming in a “zig-zag” fashion in order to stay away from the shark’s sharp teeth.

Eventually, much to the horror of the people aboard the boat and the person who is recording this ocean encounter, the shark properly lines up its attack on the small bird and crashes through the surface of the water. As it does, it manages to bite down on the bird, causing everyone that is witnessing the attack to scream in shock.

The shark sloshes around the bird at the surface of the water just before it begins to drag it farther and farther into the ocean. It was almost certain that the winged animal had met a horrible demise, but that is until the bird miraculously rose from the ocean and back to the water’s surface.

How did it pull off this “Houdini-esque” escape? I really don’t know, and wish I somehow had more information. It seemed the bird was certainly a goner when it got pulled down into the water by the shark, and then it was just back to the surface, paddling away.

You can tell that the bird is a little rattled after it comes back up, making noises and presumably calling for help. Those aboard the boat cheered as the bird got back to swimming away, and you have to think that the small thing felt like a bad ass getting away from the shark.

Just wait until it gets a chance to tell all of its bird friends…

Take a look:

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