A Meme Becomes Reality As Crocs Cowboy Boots Are Now A Thing – And The Internet Has Jokes

Busch Beer/Huckberry via Twitter

Once again the internet is ahead of its time…

A couple of years ago, Busch Beer went viral when they tweeted this (fake) picture of a pair of cowboy boot Crocs.

Some people were in love with the idea, while some were just appalled.

Well here we are two years later, and if you’re still waiting for your pair of Crocs cowboy boots…it looks like your time has finally come.

Huckberry has announced a collab with the famous shoe brand to produce the first ever Crocs western boot. And for just $75, these bad boys could be all yours next time you need to saddle up, or need a pair of waders to head out fishing, or heck, just lounging around the house to show off for your girl. The possibilities are endless with these.

Of course not everybody understands the Croc lifestyle, and some people don’t appreciate what a masterpiece these really are.

While many thought it was an April Fools joke (it’s not), others just had their own jokes:

Good luck fighting off the ladies if you go two-steppin’ in your Croots.

The internet: Making memes into reality once again.

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