Watch This Snake Bring The Game “Snake” To Life In Between Bricks Of A National Monument


This is the equivalent of the DVD logo hitting one of the corners of the television. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, that’s too bad.

This viral video shows a snake bringing a classic video game to life. What arcade style game am I talking about?


You know? The game snake? Where you guide the “snake” around to eat targets on the board? And every time it eats one, it gets a little bit longer, and you have to avoid running into any part of the snake or the boundary walls? And it gets increasingly more difficult and challenging as the game goes on?

Like this:

Hopefully you are with me now, because you are not going to believe the video below that was shared by the National Parks Service.

The reptile in the clip crawls up the wall of the Coronado National Monument using the mortar in between the exposed bricks. With the way the bricks are arranged, the trek up the wall that the snake is taking makes it look exactly like the classic arcade/computer game is playing out in real life.

Why am I so excited about this?

The National Parks Service Twitter account gave some insight on how the scene unfolded as well as what kind of snake chose to crawl up the wall:

“This Sonoran Mountain kingsnake (Lampropeltis pyromelana) has only one game. Snake. And it’s pretty good at it. Here it shows off those skills, hey, no cheating, on the walls of the visitor center at Coronado National Monument in Arizona.

The Sonoran Mountain Kingsnake is medium-sized with red, white, and black bands. It’s non-venomous, but a mimic of the Coral Snake which helps it to avoid predation. Either way, if you come across a snake, (or really any wildlife) keep your distance and don’t hiss it off.”

Without further ado, please enjoy:

Thankfully, people in the reply section of the footage were just as thrilled as I was to see the snake recreate the classic game:

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