Lainey Wilson And Lauren Alaina Celebrate Their Uniquely Southern Assets In New Anthem, “Thicc As Thieves”

Lainey Wilson
Lauren Alaina/Instagram

I do love a good old fashioned girl power anthem.

And Lainey Wilson and Lauren Alaina certainly delivered with their new duet “Thicc As Thieves,” which celebrates their thick hair, thick accents and even thicker… assets, if you know what I mean:

From Lauren’s Unlocked EP that’s out everywhere today, the sassy tune was written by Lauren along with Rocky Block, Luke Bryan, Dallas Davidson, Jacob Durrett and Parker Welling.

Here’s a look at the chorus, which finds them celebrating their equally impressive booty’s and embracing what makes them uniquely southern, if you will:

“We’re thicker than our accents, thicker than our hair
Thicker than the Georgia and Louisiana air
Thicker than molasses from the patches to the seams
Stealing hearts is in our jeans
Us southern girls, we’re thicc as thieves, we’re thicc as thieves
We’re thicc as thieves, we’re thicc as thieves”

And yes, I can admit that it’s pretty checklist-y and obviously not a classic heart-wrenching, tear in my beer kind of country song… but damn if it isn’t a helluva lot of fun.

I think country music is allowed to be just plain fun sometimes…

I could easily see this song becoming part of some viral TikTok trend, and I can definitely see myself blasting it all summer long driving around with the windows down or out on a lake day.

My mama always said if ya got, flaunt it, and it sounds like these two understand that better than just about anybody.

Do yourself a favor and give this one a listen…

“Thicc As Thieves”

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