John Daly Now Has His Own Hot Dog, New John Daly-Inspired Menu At Hooters

John Daly golf Hooters

It’s no secret that John Daly is a legend for a lot of reasons.

We’re talking about a pro golfer who has two major championships to his name, all while doing it with one of the most unique swings in all of golf.

And even more importantly, a guy who used to be able to slam 35-40 beers and THEN start on the liquor back in his heyday.

On top of that, he’s also known to sing a little country music as well, and has even released two albums, with his latest featuring the great Willie Nelson.

Yeah, all of those are cool, but perhaps what Daly is most known for is his never ending love for Hooters.

We’re talking about a guy who camps out at the Hooters in Augusta, Georgia every year during Masters week, and just slams beers and wings all day long.

In fact, his love for the food chain led him to becoming an ambassador for the brand, along with his son John Jr.

Well it seems like his tight connections to Hooters are paying off pretty well – and now he’s landed his very own hot dog, coming to a Hooters restaurant near you.

Dubbed “Big Johns Dogs,” you can build your own hot dog on a Hebrew National hot dog smothered in toppings and served on a buttered and toasted New England-style split top roll. And of course you have your choice of waffle or curly fries, all for a price of $8.99, according to FSR.

But, you can also make it a “Double Major” by adding a second Big John Dog for $4.99.

This is only a limited time offer, so you gotta get it while it’s hot.

Hooters Chief Marketing Officer Bruce Skala said in a statement:

“John Daly and Hooters continue to be the perfect match. Our guests can look forward to seeing some of John’s favorite foods in select North American Hooters restaurants this summer.”

I can only imagine how stoked ol’ John is about this one.

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A beer bottle on a dock