For Only $100K, You Could Be The Owner Of The Texas Ghost Town, Lobo

Lobo Texas

I don’t know why, but there’s something about abandoned towns that makes me curious (Yeah, I’m that guy who looks up people exploring abandoned towns on YouTube… sue me).

There’s just something intriguing about a town that used to be filled with hundreds and even thousands of people at one time, only for it to be completely empty decades later.

With that being said, if you share the same interest, you could be the owner of a completely abandoned West Texas town…

For only $100,000.

I know $100,000 is still a ton of money for most people, but owning a whole town for that much? That’s pretty wild.

Let me introduce you to Alexander Bardorff, a man who owns the abandoned 10-acre town of Lobo, Texas, that went completely abandoned back in 1991 when the last resident officially left.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Bardorff and a few of his buddies bought the town back in 2001 for only $20,000, and now, he’s putting it up for sale again.

He told the outlet that more than 70 people have come to him as he sat under the town’s deserted gas station’s canopy, in hopes of making the purchase.

Bardorff says the sale is not about the money, but rather finding someone who:

“Understands how special the land they fell in love with is.”

He continued:

“It’s difficult for me to let go. To some potential buyers, I say, ‘It’s like Lobo is my baby or our baby and we want to find new good parents.

Do you respect what I call the soul of Lobo? You can have a campground anywhere.”

The town features an empty swimming pool, a motel, grocery store, a restaurant, and post office, which are all out of business and abandoned.

One of the vacant homes features a living room, three bedrooms, a kitchen, a bathroom, a screened-in porch, and an 800-foot storage room, and also a functioning water pump that runs hot and cold water.

After the town went abandoned in ’91, Bardorff and his friends have used the town to host art instillations, film festivals, and musical performances.

The history of Lobo dates back to the mid-19th century, serving as a stopover on the mail route from San Antonio to San Diego.

Prospective buyers have pitched a number of ideas for the town, including a kangaroo farm, a nudist colony, and even an escape room-style attraction.

Lobo is located on a desert landscape between Van Horn, the home of Jeff Bezos’ space company, and Marfa, Texas.

You can learn more about the town of Lobo in this TikTok:

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