Matthew McConaughey Once Lost A Bet To Jamey Johnson, But Gamblers Anonymous Wouldn’t Accept The Donation

Matthew McConaughey Jamey Johnson
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Who would have thought that Gamblers Anonymous wouldn’t have a sense of humor?

Matthew McConaughey stopped by The Justin Moore Podcast last year for a must-listen interview that discussed everything from college football to country music.

And in a hilarious story that combines both college football AND country music, McConaughey recounted a bet he once made with his friend and country singer Jamey Johnson.

Back in 2010, McConaughey’s Texas Longhorns and Johnson’s Alabama Crimson Tide were facing off in the BCS National Championship game. So the two decided to make a friendly wager on the game – with the loser having to make a donation to the winner’s charity of choice.

And Jamey Johnson, who according to McConaughey has “a hell of a sense of humor,” chose Gamblers Anonymous as his charity that would receive the donation from McConaughey if Alabama won the game.

You’ve gotta admit, that’s pretty funny.

Well Alabama went on to defeat the Longhorns 37-21 and finish the season with a perfect record, so McConaughey was on the hook (no “hook ’em” pun intended) for the donation.

The only problem?

Gamblers Anonymous didn’t seem to see the humor in donating gambled winnings to charity, and they refused to accept the donation.

According to McConaughey:

“They didn’t get the joke. We thought they would have a better sense of humor than that.”

Oh well.

McConaughey also talked about starring in Trisha Yearwood’s “Walkaway Joe” video, and touched on his favorite country artists, calling Sturgill Simpson’s Metamodern Sounds in Country Music one of the best albums he’s heard recently.

If you missed the interview, you can check out the full episode of The Justin Moore Podcast here.

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