Wife Of Pirates Prospect Diagnosed With Rare Blood Disease After Raccoon Bite

Raccoon bite

Watch out for them trash pandas.

Raccoons are known for being the sorta cute, bandit-looking mammals that raid our garbage cans, but they are actually incredibly smart and resourceful.

Found across most of North America, save for high elevations and desert climates, they have thumbs, unlike many other creatures, especially in North America, that make them very capable for such a small animal. They only weigh between 10 and 20 pounds and are roughly 2 to 3 feet long. For such a small animal they can cause a lot of damage and get themselves in some interesting situations due to how smart they are.

They are common garbage eaters and often times get themselves stuck in garbage cans all over the place.

But, they also frequently live exclusively in the woods. And in the woods, they will eat anything, just like in town. Fruit, nuts, frogs, bugs and rodents… anything they can get at easily and scavenge is their favorite.

However, they can also be prone to diseases such as listeriosis, yersiniosis, pasteurellosis, and tularemia, as well as viral diseases such as canine distemper, raccoon parvoviralenteritis, infectious canine hepatitis, and of course… rabies.

And one wife of of a future MLB star has learned that in devastating fashion.

Pittsburgh Pirates outfield prospect, the #10 overall prospect in baseball, Travis Swaggerty revealed on Twitter that his wife, Peyton, has been diagnosed with a rare blood disease as a result of a raccoon bite.

He shared a post asking for prayers and support from fans as she heads to the Mayo Clinic to undergoes treatment:

“Tomorrow, my wife Peyton heads to the Mayo Clinic.

After being attacked by a rabid raccoon over a year ago and a lot of guesses and medicines have been thrown at her. She’s now been diagnosed with an extremely rare, painful blood disease that has completely taken over her body. It has riddled her with unresolved pain and problems and completely taken her quality of life from her.

I wanted to share this and ask for support and prayers, along with reminding everyone to not take anything for granted in this life, especially the little things. Her faith and trust in God has never waivered.”

He also added that despite her battle with this rare disorder, she continues to be a wonderful mom to their daughter Sutton:

“Wanted to add to this and say regardless of how she’s feeling, she always makes sure she’s Mom first. Every day she does everything in her power to make sure that Sutton has a great, fun day.

She fights through everything she’s feeling to be the best mom she can be.”

Prayers up for Peyton… get well soon.

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