Luke Combs Officially Pushing “Fast Car” To Country Radio As A Single

Luke Combs country music
David Bergman

Well, it’s about damn time…

Luke Combs and his label, mostly, are finally pushing “Fast Car” as an official single at country radio.

They previously shipped it to U.S. Pop Top 40 and Hot AC Radio in April, where it’s already inside the Top 10 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart as of this past week.

“Fast Car” garnered over 65 million Spotify streams in less than two months after Luke’s album was released at the end of March, making it easily the most-streamed song from his recent album Gettin’ Old.

Luke’s other single at country radio is “Love You Anyway,” and climbing pretty dang fast too, but I had a feeling they’d push “Fast Car” eventually since it’s been putting up some crazy streaming numbers like the Spotify number I just mentioned.

It’s already organically at #12 on the Mediabase country chart (one of two labels use to officially track their songs performance), which is ahead of “Love You Anyway,” and that’s over the span of just five weeks with no help from the label:

Luke first sang Tracy Chapman’s hit back in 2018 in a low-quality acoustic preview from his hotel room, and fans had basically been begging for a studio version ever since, and he finally delivered last month.

Originally written and recorded by Tracy Chapman, the song was released in 1988 as the lead single from her 1988 self-titled debut studio album. The Grammy-winning song has been regarded as one of the greatest songs of all time by a number of different publications.

It’s true to the original arrangement, his vocals of course sound great, and who wouldn’t wanna hear that on the radio (the caveat here being that you actually still listen to the radio, but I digress…).

It will likely enter the top 10 on the country charts next week, and of course, continues to crush it at pop radio, too.

If it keeps spinning the way it is right now, and there’s no reason that it shouldn’t, it stands to easily be the biggest hit of Luke’s career, and that’s saying a lot, because the man already has an astounding 15 #1 radio hits:

But like any magical, once-in-a-lifetime mega hit like “Fast Car” is shaping up to be, there’s just something so intrinsically special and addicting about his rendition that I can’t quite put my finger on, aside from the obviously good production and great vocals.

I mean, it’s just so. Damn. Good:

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