LSU Tigers Football Team To Debut Air Conditioned Helmets This Season

LSU helmets

College football is a booming business and the nation’s top teams spend inordinate amounts of money on their players and facilities.

There is no telling how much these air conditioned helmets cost for the tigers of the Louisiana State University.

Based on the video, the helmets equipped with A/C will last up to five hours and be used by the Tigers football team during practices and games. Based on the reactions from the players, and also based on the muggy, swampy heat that plagues southern Louisiana, these helmets are going to be a literal game changer.

And I mean that in a very concerned way…

Would having air conditioned helmets not be an in-game advantage? Especially if the matchup takes place in the “walk outside and immediately sweat” climate where LSU is located?

I’ll have to read up on the official NCAA college football handbook to see if this actually is a violation of the rules. Without a doubt it is a competitive advantage, but then again, it’s also a form of safety precaution for players, so which one will prevail?

The idea is genius and I’m honestly surprised that it hasn’t been done before. Then again, it probably hasn’t been “in the cards” technology wise until recently. I’m still very intrigued as to how they managed to squeeze an A/C unit into each helmet.

I’m sure it will create a job (or multiple jobs) on the LSU staff for “Helmet Air Conditioning Technician,” which is always good for the economy. However, I hope they won’t be like regular A/C repairmen and take three days after you call them to show up and fix it.

Anyways, like the video’s caption states, “technology is crazy.” Take a look at what millions of dollars in booster money can buy you:

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A beer bottle on a dock