Camera Man Knocks Out Climate Activist With His Camera After They Stormed Onto Swedish Dance Show

Dancing With the Stars

This has to be some of the best camera work I have ever seen.

When climate activists ran their way onto the set of Sweden’s “Dancing with the Stars,” a camera man seemingly waiting for this moment for his entire life stepped in to save the day.

It was as if the “Bat Signal” was shot into the night sky and summoned the hero that everyone needed. Batman, in this metaphor, is the fast thinking camera operator if you were wondering, and the real life superhero undoubtedly saved the season finale.

During the show’s live sequence with Olympic skier Charlotte Kalla and professional dance partner Tivuas Jarkssib dancing the Paso Doble (a quickly paced Latin ballroom dance, in case you were wondering), environmental activists ran out onto the stage.

Those holding the banner and throwing powder paint were a part of the Restore Wetlands protest group. The banner that the guy who eventually gets rocked is holding translates to “restore wetlands.”

While the activists wanted to save the environment, the camera guy was only worried about saving the show’s finale. It takes a matter of seconds for the camera man to quite literally swoop in and brutally knock down the protestor.

The banner-wielding guy was sent flying by the camera, which was swung into the stage area on a crane by the operator. Who knew that a camera on a crane could be used as a weapon like this?

The video has been circulating all over social media, and the one linked below was posted on Twitter with the caption reading:

“JUST IN: Camera man takes out Climate activists who stormed the stage during live broadcast at Sweden’s “Dancing with the Stars” finale..”

The “WWE sound” overlaid onto the video was perfect. It really does feel like it’s straight out of a rigged TV show (sorry wrestling fans).

And just in case you enjoyed watching that, here’s another view, apparently filmed by one of the activists onstage.

Also, I have to think that if this was in the NFL, that camera would get an “unnecessary roughness” flag thrown on it, right? Or maybe it would be considered a hit on a defenseless player? I can’t imagine what the guy holding the banner was thinking when he saw the camera flying towards him.

If it were an action movie, the camera man would have said “time for your close up” as he rocketed the camera towards the protestor. Who is to say that he didn’t say it?

Social media was loving the video, posting some pretty funny commentary underneath the original post:

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