Hot Country Knights Are BACK With Two New Songs, Including Hilarious “Herassmeant” With Lainey Wilson

Hot Country Knights country music
Hot Country Knights

Hot Country Knights are BACK.

And this might just be their best work yet…

Everyone’s favorite 90’s country group, who no one heard of before 2015, have two new songs out today, one of which features fellow ’90s country music icon Darla McFarland on “Herassmeant.”

Now her powerful voice might remind you of Miss Lainey Wilsonwho went mega viral all over the internet last year for her fantastic butt, so it only seems fitting that she’s featured on a song like this.

Dierks Bentley returns to the studio as producer for these two new releases alongside frequent collaborator Jim Beavers, who both co-wrote “Herassmeant” with Lainey Wilson and Luke Dick. They also dropped “Midknight Rodeo,” which you can find on all streaming platforms.

Of their big return, frontman Doug Douglason says being off the road because of the Big V (COVID-19) made them appreciate everything in life so much more:

“The Knights are back, baby. Being off the road since the Big V (virus) has really made us reflect on what we had taken for granted.

When you have a chance to really get to the core of what these songs are about, it’s just a raw appreciation for the most satisfying parts of life.

I don’t expect anyone to get it on the first six or seven listens, this is deep thinking stuff.”

He also added that because “harassment” has become such a hot topic these days, the Knights wanted to put out a statement of sorts saying that they believe in treating their lady right and with respect.

And of course, because his former hometown flame Darla McFarland was the inspiration behind the song, he knew they had to get her vocals featured, as well:

“Yeah, seems like everybody is talking about harassment these days and the Knights do not tolerate that stuff. You gotta treat your lady right, tell her how you feel about her, respect her, love on her.

My old flame Darla McFarland, who most people will remember from Teazers down in Murfreesboro, was itching to sing on this one. She knew she was the inspiration, so how could we say no?

Darla is the best damn country singer of the last three decades, in my opinion. Everybody better get down to Tower Records before the CDs are sold out.”

Darla says that she couldn’t say no when she heard this new tune, because “nothin’ hits better in country music than authenticity”:

“Nothin’ hits better in country music than authenticity. Seeing how I was the inspiration behind this song, I thought I’d help Doug make a good song great.”

The song of course features hilarious lyrics we’re used to from the Knights, as Doug and Darla go back and forth throughout the chorus explaining:

“Her-ass-meant, everything to me,
You just had to slap it every time I wore them bell-bottomed jeans,
I hated to see her go,
but he loved to watch me leave
Oh, her-ass-meant, everything to me”

There’s even a great reference to Darla packing up her “dump truck” to leave town, and eventually, she comes clean about Doug’s obsession with her butt, saying:

“It was harassment.”

And at the end, Doug admits that he misses Darla, though she’s not exactly on the same page with him there…

“I wish I could say, ‘Me too.'”

I mean, it’s just a fantastic pairing in terms of two of the greatest artists the 90’s ever saw, and an incredibly well-written, relatable song to top it all off.

It’s all you can really ask for in country music, so do yourself a favor and give “Herassmeant” a listen:


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