Scary Video Shows Shark Devouring A Seal In Front Of Tourist Boat


This one is pretty tough to explain to the kids on the sightseeing tourist boat.

This Dolphin Fleet Whale Watch boat was out near Provincetown, Massachusetts when looking and sightseeing for dolphins and whales turned into an all-you-can-eat seal buffet.

Those in the boat might have been excited when they saw a fin breach the water, but the mood changed pretty quickly when the ocean began to turn red around the sea creature.

Sharks tend to be pretty opportunistic when it comes to feeding, with many of them eating smaller fish and invertebrates. The larger species of the sharp teethed swimmers also feed on marine mammals, as well as sea lions and seals.

It appears that this particular shark off the coast of Cape Cod decided that dinner would be served in front of a crowd, and the unfortunate seal ended up being the vicious creature’s victim.

The video shows the shark’s fin just above the water, then raising its body up to take the seal deeper down into the depths of the sea. You can hear the crowd aboard the ship “ooh-ing” and “ahh-ing” as they see the shark surrounded by the blood of its victim.

The caption of the post reads:

“First white shark sighting of the season on board the Dolphin Fleet Whale Watch out of Provincetown! Passengers got an unexpected surprise with an early season predation of a seal.

This is a reminder that the white sharks are arriving and to follow the shark smart guidelines set out by Cape Cod National Park Service.”

Cape Cod is actually well know to be a “shark infested” beach destination. According to the Cape Cod Explore website:

“Since 2016, there have been 718 reports of shark activity at Cape Cod Beaches which is higher than ever. And since these sharks spend 47% of their time in 15 feet deep (or less) water, Cape Cod beaches can be dangerous if you venture too deep into the ocean.

Sharks are common in Cape Cod waters, inhabiting the Outer Cape and areas like Chatham where their prey, the grey seal, is in the 10,000’s.”

It looks like the “Cape Code Xplore” website is supposed to encourage people to visit their beaches, though it still includes this excerpt above.

And you know what, I like and appreciate the honesty. The website tells you about all the different places you can go out to eat at when you visit Cape Cod while also informing the masses about the likelihood of being attacked by a shark when swimming off the coast of Massachusetts.

So basically, the vacation spot’s tagline is:

“Cape Cod: Enjoy all of the fun and hungry sharks our beaches have to offer.”

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