Snake Slithers Onto Man’s Lap At Texas Restaurant


Check please.

I’m not sure how this man was able to handle this so calmly, because I would have either 1) freaked out or 2) passed out. Andrew Tyler Madison had just dropped off his daughter and her friends at a concert taking place at the Granada Theater in Dallas, Texas and decided to stop by a nearby bar.

According to FOX 4, Madison stopped in to grab something to drink at the Life’s Good Bar and Grill while he waited for his daughter and her friends to make their way into the venue. He decided to take a seat on the patio portion of the restaurant, which might not have been the best decision based on this video.

The clip was originally posted to Instagram and shows the snake slithering its way up the ramp to the patio. You can hear everyone near the outdoor seating area getting up from their seats and panicking, but Madison stays put right where he is and continues to video the snake.

Staying still might have been what lured the snake to check out what was going with the Texas man, which is exactly what the creature does.

The snake slithers across the artificial turf and then begins to pick up the front half of its body (creepily) to reach the chair Madison is sitting in.

It then quickly moves onto Madison’s lap, then dives back beneath the man before climbing up and over the top of the chair and onto a nearby wooden structure.

Madison told FOX 4:

“Everybody on the patio jumped up, except for me. I think that’s why he came my way, because I wasn’t standing up.”

Watching the video might cause some anxiety for those who are afraid of snakes. Hell, I wouldn’t consider myself scared of the reptiles but the interaction on video creeped me out just a bit.

Madison went on to explain how he was able to handle the situation so calmly by saying:

“I grew up in West Texas around rattlesnakes, so I know not to freak out.”

A few minutes after this close encounter takes places, a manager from the restaurant was able to coerce the snake into a bucket using a pair of tongs (pretty impressive). Once it was secured, they released it into a nearby alley (which doesn’t seem like the safest place to let it go, but I digress).

Luckily no one was injured during the snake’s visit to the restaurant, and we all get to see this wild first-person point of view of the “too close for comfort” encounter:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock