Coyote Plays Dead, Gets Away From Hunter & Dog

Coyote plays dead

Looks like this coyote took a play out of the “Possum Playbook” in order to pull off this getaway.

I’ve seen plenty of “possum playing dead” videos on the internet, but this is the first time I’ve seen a version with a coyote in the “Best Actor” role.

As you watch the video, you’ll have no choice but to agree that this wild animal deserves the Oscar in the wild animal category.

“Playing possum” is rarely ever the best way to avoid predators in the wild. The strategy is really only utilized by, well, possums. However, it does appear that predators seem to be learning something from their prey every once and a while.

In the video, the coyote can be seen in a heap just beneath a tree as it gets tossed around by a dog. Though it appears that the coyote is dead as a doornail (that phrase apparently dates back to the 1300s), there are a couple of moments in the video where it shows signs of life.

The hunting dog rolls the coyote’s body over, and once it leaves it alone a bit while it catches it breath, you can see the wild animal’s ear pop up. The coyote was clearly trying to figure out a good time to make a run for it.

The hunter eventually picks up the coyote by the tail, and him and his dog play a morbid game of tug of war for a moment before the dog let’s it go. At this point, the hunter pulls up on the coyote’s tail and seemingly tries to throw it to his dog.

However, instead of the dog catching the wild animal’s body, the coyote uses the tree that is close by and catapults itself into a dead sprint. The coyote hits an opening in the woods and hits full speed, with the hunter’s dog chasing closely behind.

The video stops before we know if the dog catches the coyote once again, but you have to think that the dog is a little frustrated that he let the wild animal get away. This honestly seemed a little bit like the Roadrunner cartoon, except this time, the coyote came out on top.

Watch the incredible acting job by this coyote below:

Instagram users in the comments were quite impressed by the coyote “playing possum” and faking death in order to save its life:

“He’s done that before.”

“That’s impressive!”

“That animal is pretty clever.”

“He was just kidding.”

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