Birds Attack Squirrel Raiding Bird Feeder On New Jersey Back Porch


I’ve officially reached the age where bird watching is an absolute joy.

Sitting on the deck and drinking a cold one while watching a whole assortment of birds peck at a feeder is truly one of the best ways to spend an afternoon and I will hear no rebuttals on the topic.

But the one thing that can throw a wrench in a perfect afternoon faster than anything is a squirrel figuring out there’s a ton of free food just hanging out in the open (which is why my mom keeps a BB gun by her back door… allegedly).

For the most part, the birds will do their best to fly in a grab some seeds when the bushy tailed invaders bound off for a few minutes but I’ve never seen them act like the ones in this video from New Jersey did.

The homeowner took a video looking out at the bird feeder where a squirrel was jumping from the railing to the feeder, which I assume happens pretty regularly, but this time, at least two birds decided enough was enough.

Taking turns, the birds swooped down at the squirrel and hit it was a fly by peck time and time again. While it didn’t seem any significant damage was being done, the fact the squirrel kept getting jabbed seemed like it would eventually be a deterrent and make it think twice before trying to grab an easy snack.

Got tip your cap to these brave birds.

I’ve seen a few videos where a squirrel is able to get its paws and teeth on a flyer and it’s not easy to watch, but these two didn’t care and were ready to throw down to defend the home front.

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock