Ed Sheeran And Luke Combs Team Up For Official Studio Duet Of Ed’s Song “Life Goes On”

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Luke Combs and Ed Sheeran have a new song out today.

After performing Ed’s song “Life Goes On” together at the ACM Awards last night, the official studio version of their duet is out everywhere today.

The song was previously featured on Ed’s recent record – (Subtract) without Luke, and is a solo-write by Sheeran.

Luke said Ed actually sent him the song and said he wanted to sing it at the ACM Awards, and of course, wanted Luke to record it as an official single, as well.

Luke was happy to do it, as he’s been a fan of Sheeran for quite some time, and they’ve become pretty good friends over the last few years too:

“I was super excited when Ed reached out to me. He sent this song and said he wanted to do it on the ACMs and then shortly after said he wanted to do a full-blown recorded version of it.

I’ve been a fan of his for a long, long time. He’s an incredible singer and an incredible songwriter and we’ve been buddies for a couple years, so this is a dream come true.”

And actually, yesterday, Ed also that he might be looking to get into country music in some form or fashion, noting that he talks to his wife about it all the time because he’s drawn to the “brilliant” songwriting aspect that country is famous for:

“I talk about this to my wife all the time. I would love to transition into country.

I love the culture of it, I just love the songwriting. It’s just like brilliant songs.”

Of course, Sheeran is a worldwide, multi-Platinum pop star and has won multiple Grammy awards, and is known as a pretty prolific songwriter himself (especially for the pop genre), so it’s not shocking to hear that he really respects the songwriting and storytelling aspect of country music.

And this song is certainly not the first time Luke and Ed have teamed up before, as Luke has covered Ed’s song “Dive” many times before, and even brought him out on stage for a duet of it back at C2C fest in London last year.

We’ll see what the future of Ed’s country career holds, but I think at the very least, the two of them could probably pen some pretty good country songs together, honestly.

In the meantime, you can check out their live performance of “Life Goes On” from the ACM Awards stage here:

And the new studio version:

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