‘1923’ Stars Reveal Expectations For Final Season: “We’ll Get Spencer Back Pretty Quick”

Spencer Dutton Yellowstone 1923

Season one of the Yellowstone prequel series 1923 was a massive success, as the premiere racked up a whopping 7.4 million views, shattering the Paramount+ record.

Of course, when you have a cast led by the likes of Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren, you’re gonna turn some heads right off the bat.

But speaking of the stars of 1923, a number of them sat down to discuss this past season, along with their predictions for season two of the show while on the THR Presents panel for The Hollywood Reporter.

The show was always going to be just one season, however due to the scope (Taylor Sheridan is reportedly spending 20 per episode), the story was ultimately cut in half and made into two season.

So ahead of the finale season, here’s what some of the cast had to say about how they want to see the show play out.

Oscar-winning actress Helen Mirren confessed that she’s sick of writing letters, and Brandon Sklenar (Spencer Dutton) responded:

“I probably wouldn’t read them anyway. I just love to be back and on a horse and shooting a gun. The little kid in me is dying to do that … I would love to be a band of horse-riding cowboy.

I’d love to have scenes with Cara and Jacob (Harrison Ford). I imagine we’ll get Spencer back pretty quick.”

Of course, Spencer Dutton (the son of Tim McGraw and Faith Hill’s characters in 1883) spent all of Season 1 trying to make his way back home to Montana, and has had one helluva time trying to get there. Between big cat attacks, getting shipwrecked, kicked off the ship and more, it’s been a battle.

Spencer’s counterpart, Julia Schlaepfer, says she hopes Alex can make it to the ranch, along with the others she hopes to meet:

“I would love for Alex to make it to the ranch and meet the family. I hope we get to see some of her own strength come out now that she’s on her own.

I want to meet the Dutton women. I think that that would be a lot of fun, and Teonna, we all want to meet Teonna.”

Aminah Neeves (Teonna Rainwater) wants to meet the Dutton family as well:

“I also want Teonna to meet the Duttons. I think that’ll be incredible. I want a scene with all my best friends here.”

And finally, Darren Mann (Jack Dutton) hilariously said:

“I hope I get to pop Timothy Dalton in the face, maybe shoot from horse. Avenge Yellowstone, and me and my girl live happily ever after.”

I mean, can you blame him? Actors tend to be pretty invested in the depth and growth of their characters, their underlying feelings, hopes, dreams and desires… and while that’s all well and good, sometimes us fans just want to see some cool shit, you know?

Sounds like Jack Dutton does too.

I guess we’ll see if these wishes come to fruition in the final season of 1923.

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Watch the full conversation with the cast of 1923:

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