Woman Survives 6 Days In The Australian Wilderness On Wine: “Thank God The Policewoman Had A Cigarette”


A bottle of wine and snacks by themselves sound like a great way to pass a couple of hours, but could you make them last over a period of six days?

Lillian Ip, who was lost in the wilderness for almost a week, made the most out of her resources and managed to barely hang on until authorities finally found her. The Australian woman set out for what was supposed to be a short trip through some dense wooded areas to get to a gathering, but things did not go as planned.

Her vehicle got stuck in mud along the way and she was stranded in the woods with only the things she planned to give as a gift: a bottle of wine and some snacks.

Ip told News9 Australia that she doesn’t even drink, but faced with the circumstances, decided to ration out the bottle of wine and snacks for the five nights that she was stranded. Though she tried to stay positive, Ip admitted that towards the later days of her being lost, she wrote a letter to her family saying that she loved them.

Ip said in her interview:

“I thought I was going to die there. My whole body shut down on Friday. I was about to give up.”

The Australian woman was almost 40 miles away from the nearest town and was unable to venture very far from her stuck vehicle due to her prior health conditions. Police in the Victoria state said that her intuitiveness and the fact that she stayed close to her car helped save her own life:

“The only liquid Lillian, who doesn’t drink, had with her was a bottle of wine she had bought as a gift for her mother so that got her through.

She used great common sense to stay with her car and not wander off into bushland, which assisted in police being able to find her.”

Without any water, Ip was able to survive on only a few snacks and the alcohol for the six days. When a drone flew above her location on the sixth day, she mustered up all of her strength to wave her arms and alert the flying camera that she was there.

Once the officers were able to locate her, Ip hilariously said that she only had two things on her mind:

“The first thing coming in my mind, I was thinking ‘water and a cigarette.’ Thank god the policewoman had a cigarette.”

She was later taken to the hospital to be treated for dehydration, and once she was able to recover, Ip returned to her house in Melbourne.

A news report of the story can be seen below, which includes the drone’s camera footage of when Lillian Ip was discovered:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock