Oakland A’s Release Statement, Play-By-Play Announcer Glen Kuiper Apologizes After On-Air Racial Slur

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The Oakland Athletics are calling it “unacceptable” after their play-by-play announcer had an apparent slip of the tongue during pre-game coverage and used what sounded like a racial slur.

Glen Kuiper, who has appeared on broadcasts of Oakland A’s games since 2004 and now serves as the primary announcer for A’s games on NBC Sports California, apparently misspoke when discussing a visit to the Negro League Museum, using a racial slur instead.

Later in the broadcast, Kuiper issued an on-air apology:

“A little bit earlier in the show I said something that didn’t come out quite the way I wanted it to. I just wanted to apologize if it sounded different than I meant it to be said. I just wanted to apologize for that.”

While it seems like Kuiper just stumbled over his words and it came out sounding wrong, you kinda have to question – how does that happen? And nonetheless, the Oakland A’s issued a statement calling Kuiper’s language “unacceptable” and saying that they are “working to address” the matter.

“The language used by Glen Kuiper during today’s pregame broadcast is unacceptable. The Oakland Athletics do not condone such language. We are working to address the situation.”

Many on Twitter demanded that Kuiper be fired for his use of the racial slur.

But many are also defending Kuiper, claiming it’s clear that it was a slip of the tongue and that he wasn’t intentionally using the racial slur.

I think at this point it’s probably safe to say that Kuiper will be getting a little vacation from the broadcast booth, but I guess we’ll have to wait and see if that vacation will be permanent.

Just one more embarrassing moment in a season filled with them from the worst team in the league…

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