Coiled Up Cottonmouth Snake Flashes Fangs While Floating Down A Creek

Cottonmouth snake in creek

Yeah I’d be going the opposite direction if I saw this floating down the creek…

Did you know that snakes can use their bodies as a pool float? I’ve seen snakes swimming across bodies of water before, but I guess I never made the connection that this could be an option for them.

This video shows a cottonmouth snake just straight chilling as it floats with the stream “lazy river” style. If I were a snake and could do this, I would simply be doing this all the damn time.

The fact that it is a cottonmouth takes away from some of the fun of the video. Knowing that this semiaquatic, venomous snake could potentially land a fatal bite on a human being makes this “summer fun” snake a little harder to root for.

Though I do very much envy its ability to just let the water take it where it takes it. That takes a lot of confidence to “let go” and ride the direction of the stream.

The menacing snake also has its mouth wide open as it goes on by, showing off its fangs to the person who stands on the shore with the video camera.

I like to think that it is actually asleep and somehow has mastered snoozing in this position so that it can relax and be unbothered as it tubes down the creek.

Towards the end of the video, the snake bumps up against the shore, yet it doesn’t move or try to control its direction in any way. Again, this is textbook “lazy river” style, and should be copied by anyone who plans on going to a water park.

You should never fight the way of the water, and you certainly should not get out of the tube and control your own direction. If you bump into another tube or the side of the guided waterway, who cares. A few bumps along the way should be understood from the get go.

It isn’t called an “active river,” it’s called a “lazy river.” Act accordingly.

Whoever posted the video put it to Creedence Clearwater Revival’s “Proud Mary,” which is absolutely perfect. Nothing is better than watching the deadly snake “rolling on the river.”

See if you agree:

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A beer bottle on a dock