LSU Head Coach Brian Kelly Busts Out DJ Skills At Team Crawfish Boil

Brian Kelly

When LSU Head Coach Brian Kelly isn’t drawing up plays or practicing his fake southern accent, it appears he is honing in on his disc jockey skills.

LSU Football’s Twitter account posted a hype video surrounding their team crawfish boil and two things really stood out:

-Those crawfish look phenomenal and watching the video may provoke feelings of FOMO or a newfound motivation to hold a crawfish boil for yourself.

-For some strange reason, HC Brian Kelly is at one point disk jockeying with oversized headphones on.

It’s not out of the norm for coaches to attempt to be appear younger for their college players, but this might cross the line. The feeling you get watching this video of Kelly working the DJ table does not emit “he’s cool,” but rather gives off big “old person that does not know how to open a PDF” vibes.

The highlights of the video are definitely when they show the hundreds of pounds of crawfish that were cooked up for the event, while occasional Brian Kelly giving a motivational speech or pretending like he is “hip” is sprinkled in.

The best footage of “DJ Kelly Tiger” is around the 30 second mark:

What’s the best part of the video? The cringey disc jockeying moments or the fact that no one there seems to be interested in the “building a championship program” speech that Kelly is delivering from the DJ booth?

I’ll have to be honest, if there was a pound of crawfish in front of me, I wouldn’t be paying much attention to Kelly either. Maybe they should have served a less distracting (and delicious) meal at the event. “LSU Salad Night” doesn’t have the same draw as “Crawfish Boil” though…

Seems like Kelly is thrown into situations like this all the time, and he just tries his best to fit in and get through it. We now have three weird Brian Kelly moments at LSU, though none may be as strange and face-crunching as this video with a potential recruit:

And just for good measure, you can’t have an article about Brian Kelly without throwing it back to his fake southern accent (which I mentioned earlier in the article) when he was announced as the new football coach at LSU:

Update on the Crawfish: I have about a 30 minute drive to the nearest Seafood market, so I’ll soon be making arrangements to get a couple of pounds for myself.

I suggest you do the same and pretend Kelly is DJ-ing somewhere off in the distance.

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