New York Rangers Fan Chokes New Jersey Devils Fan Unconscious After Getting Beer Slapped Out Of His Hand During NHL Playoffs

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Nothing like a good ole fashioned hockey fight.

The New York Rangers and New Jersey Devils just ended a highly contentious Stanley Cup Playoff series last night, with the Devils advancing after a 4-0 shutout of their Hudson River rivals. The series was neck and neck the entire time and fans showed up big time for both of their squads.

But where there’s drunk, passionate fans, there’s bound to be fights.

A video has made its way online from Game 5 where a hometown Devils fan seemed to have quite a problem with a visiting Rangers fan. And despite his (presumed) girlfriend trying to hold him back, just couldn’t help but get in the guy’s face, yell, and slap his $20 beer out of his hand and onto the ground.

Credit where it’s due, the Rangers fan showed some serious restraint for most of the encounter, realizing the other guy was a bit out of his mind and not wanting to cause a big scene, but getting his completely overpriced beer spilled was the final straw.

The Rangers fan calmly engages the aggressor, uses a simple arm drag to turn the guy around, and sinks in a perfect standing rear naked choke. The Devils fan struggles for just a few seconds before darkness starts to creep in and it’s goodnight Irene.

He crumbles to the ground and faceplants into a row of seats, his own beer slipping all over himself as his limp body lays on the floor.

Of course, we don’t know how this fight started but it sure seemed like the a-hole Devils fan learned a very important lesson.

No matter how many sporting fights we see go wrong, people never fail to flex their beer muscles and end up on the wrong side of a beat down.

Pro Tip: If you’re in an argument with someone and they have cauliflower ear, it’s probably best you back down… They’ve seen a thing or two.

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock