Kip Moore Takes It To New York City For “Sometimes She Stays” Music Video

Kip Moore country music

Kip Moore just released his fifth studio album titled Damn Loveand it’s safe to say that the 43-year-old country music artist is continuing to hone his craft.

After a three year hiatus, Moore returned with the album’s first two singles “Damn Love” and “Kinda Bar” earlier this year. Though those two first initial releases performed well, it’s the songs later on in the track list that have landed most with fans.

“Some Things” and “Mr. Simple” have performed well on streaming platforms, but the one that has stood out the most is “Sometimes She Stays,” which now has an accompanying music video.

The video for “Sometimes She Stays” is based in and around New York City, with Moore singing a majority of the song on a subway platform while thinking about the woman who “sometimes stays.” The pair can be seen in separate places across the city living their own lives while briefly flashing back to moments with one another.

The song walks through the stage of a relationship where two people become closer and begin to stay with one another at their respective homes.

The lyrics juxtapose the moments where the significant other leaves to return to their own place and the moments when they decide to stay.

The emotional chorus goes:

“But sometimes she stays
And asks you what you’re doing that day
And where you keep the coffee and an old sweatshirt
And all your walls start falling for her

And one night turns into every day
Turns into one more toothbrush at your place
Yeah, there’ll come a time that you’ll turn around and never see it any other way
‘Cause sometimes she stays”

The use of the subway platform in the music video could be a metaphor for the relationship shown within the story. Trains come by Moore throughout the entirety of the video, yet he never gets on and no one ever gets off to see him.

The relationship the song is based on could be a train that has figuratively “left the station,” or it could be a place where the couple used to meet up during their relationship.

Moore’s singing voice matches the tone of the music video as they both deliver emotional stories.

While Moore is standing in Times Square surrounded by thousands of people, his face reveals a loneliness that only someone who’s mind is focused on one person can emit.

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