Cardinals Safety Budda Baker Reacts To Viral Butt-Tap By Luke Van Ness’ Father At NFL Draft: “I’m Checkin’ Him”

Lukas Van Ness Dad

The 2023 NFL Draft was full of shocking storylines, but the one that has stuck with America the most is the father of Packer’s first round draft pick Luke Van Ness smacking his son’s girlfriend’s butt.

It was a very weird moment and social media has not let it go since it happened.

If you happened to miss it and need “video proof,” look no further than this Twitter post captioned:

“Lukas Van Ness’ Dad with a double ass slap on national TV.”

Doesn’t seem like a super normal thing to do, right? NFL Safety for the Arizona Cardinals Budda Baker certainly didn’t think so.

Baker took to Twitter to give his two cents on the matter (without getting too specific), which I would say most people would agree with:

“Ok ok ok… look, if my dad touched my lady ass on draft night or anytime, I’m checkin him!

ESPECIALLY if he still with my mom. Maybe that’s just me though, I didn’t grow up wit my pops so maybe that it…”

Exactly what Baker means by saying “I’m checkin’ him” is still to be determined. Checking him in a verbal way? Checking him in a physical way? Maybe a combination of the two?

I still can’t get over the fact that Lukas Van Ness’ Dad did that, and the fact that it seemed so “normal” for the group. It could have been one of those situations where it was a “spur of the moment” thing, but I don’t know…

Doing the butt slap twice kind of gives off the vibe that its a normal thing (and something that you would see old men at the YMCA during a pick-up game doing to one another). I wonder if the father and son have had a conversation about it? Oh to be a fly on the wall for that…

Budda Baker actually requested a trade from the Arizona Cardinals, so maybe he’ll get sent to Green Bay and can help Lukas Van Ness keep his strange father away from his girlfriend.

If not, plenty of Eagles fans would love to have him:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock