Ernest Teases Heartfelt New Unreleased Song ‘Takes After You,’ Inspired By His Wife And Young Son

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Just in time for Mother’s Day.

Ernest is still riding high from his incredible debut album Flower Shops (The Album), as well as the deluxe release Flower Shops (The Album): Two Dozen Roses

The whole album is full of some incredible steel guitar, backing up lyrics that are not only real deal country music, but also authentically give us a look at who he Ernest is as both an artist and a person.

But despite releasing 24 songs over the past year or so, and being busy on the road with Morgan Wallen and Hardy right now (as well as announcing his own headlining tour this fall), it seems that Ernest is ready to drop some new music – and this may be his most personal song to date.

Ernest teased the new track on Twitter this morning, revealing that it was inspired by a video he saw of somebody talking to Johnny Cash:

“I heard someone talking to Johnny Cash in a video – they said “Johnny I’ve known ya a long time…. And I got a son now, and if he don’t take after Jesus… I’d be quite alright if he took after you””

He said this quote made him think about his wife Delaney and their son, Ryman:

“I couldn’t agree more with Ryman and Delaney. She is the most humble, kind, empathetic, nature loving, giving, selfless and downright WHOLESOME human I know. The things she’ll teach Ryman in this life by her actions will transcend anything he’ll learn in a building…..”

And Ernest says that while the song is personal to him, he believes it’s one that will resonate with a lot of parents out there:

“This song is specific to ME.. but I think there are a LOT of parents out there who likely feel the same as me. Y’all moms are something special and a strong woman who leads by example will have an incredible impact on a young man. Thank y’all.”

Ernest then dropped a clip of the heartfelt new song (set to adorable clips of his wife and son, by the way), and this one is sure to pull at any parent’s heartstrings:

“Before too long one and one made three
And I’m scared to death cause he looks like me
And I pray to God that apple falls
A little further from this tree
I know that boy won’t walk on water

Cause he comes from my blood
And I pray one day he’ll look back and
Not be all I was
He might not live by your red letter
Something close to dad’ll do
If he don’t take after Jesus
I hope he takes after you”

Gotta think that one’s gonna have some of the amazing moms out there tearing up.

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