Lauren Watkins Covers The Hell Out Of The Pistol Annies’ Incredible Deep Cut “Beige”

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This has got to be one of the most underrated Pistol Annies songs.

And that’s saying a lot, because I could probably rattle off 10 other ones off the top of my head easily, but there’s just somethin’ about “Beige” that I can never get enough of.

From their 2011 debut Hell on Heels album, Miranda Lambert and Ashley Monroe actually penned the song the same night they called up eventual third member Angaleena Presley to invite her to join the band.

Ashley told CMT they were at Miranda’s former home in Oklahoma when Miranda randomly came up with the idea to write a song called “Beige,” which represents the color the girl wears walking down the isle for her shotgun, in addition to a whole lot of other things, too:

“We were at Miranda’s house in Oklahoma. Miranda walked in the living room and said, ‘Beige!’ I said, ‘What’s beige?’

She said, ‘The song is about beige because she’s wearing beige down the aisle. I’m going to go make a drink. Have the first line done by the time I get back.'”

And yesterday, up-and-comer Lauren Watkins shared a gorgeous acoustic cover of the song over on Instagram, saying in the caption that it’s the kind of song that reminds her why she loves country music, and I couldn’t agree with her more:

“My favorite @pistolannies song. It’s so beautiful.

These kind of songs are why i love country music. (don’t mind the broken lamp, one day I’ll get around to fixing it).”

“Beige” has such an enchanting melody and forlorn storyline, and coupled with Ashley’s soulful, twangy Appalachian vocals taking lead here, it just stops me in my track every single time.

You can watch Lauren’s cover here:

Lauren also just released her debut EP with Big Loud Records Introducing: Lauren Watkinsand you should definitely check that out too, because it’s already one of my favorite projects that’s been released so far in 2023.


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