Black Racer Snake Leaps From The Grass Towards Guy Filming

Black racer snake

My dad taught me from a young age:

“The only good snake, is a dead one.”

Okay, okay, I know there are several types of snakes out there that are non-venomous, and are good for keeping invasive species like rats and other creatures away.

But with that being said, I do not care. It is absolutely terrifying to know that there is a creature out there that slithers across the ground and up trees, and can be hiding right underneath you without you knowing.

Hell, I’ll never forget when I was playing golf with my buddy one time, and he was walking through the woods to retrieve his golf ball…

And then he stepped directly on top of a copperhead, and although he didn’t get bit, that memory will be engrained in his head forever.

So, I can sympathize with this guy in the video.

In the footage, he’s casually filming, when all of a sudden a black racer snake leaps from the tall grass directly towards him.

Judging by his reaction, he noticed the snake at the perfect time and was able to escape without getting bit, but this is downright terrifying.

The caption to the video from Nature Is Metal reads:

“A healthy fear of snakes, even the non-venomous types like Mr. Racer here, is a widespread phenomenon that has been observed in many different cultures and regions of the world.

For example, studies have found that infants in cultures that are isolated from snakes are still able to quickly detect and respond to images of snakes, suggesting that the fear may be innate rather than learned.

During our evolution, humans lived in environments where snakes were a common threat. It is thought that our ancestors who were more afraid of snakes and better able to detect them had a greater chance of survival, as they were more likely to avoid potentially deadly encounters.

This fear of snakes is thought to be hardwired into our brains and can be triggered by even subtle cues, such as a rustling sound or a sudden movement. Studies have shown that both adults and infants are able to quickly detect snakes in their environment, even when they are camouflaged or difficult to see.

While this fear may seem irrational to some, it has likely played an important role in our survival as a species. In modern times, however, many people are able to live their entire lives without encountering a snake, which can make the fear seem unnecessary or unwarranted.”

Check it out:

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