Tracy Lawrence Announces New Live Album From The Iconic Billy Bob’s Texas, Coming Next Month

Tracy Lawrence country music
Sean O'Halloran

A live album from a country legend performing at one of the most iconic honky tonks in the world? I’m here for it.

Tracy Lawrence announced today that he’ll be releasing a new live album next month, recorded at the legendary Billy Bob’s Texas in Fort Worth.

The new album, Tracy Lawrence Live at Billy Bob’s Texas, was recorded last October, and features a ton of his classic hits, along with a cover of Jamey Johnson’s “In Color” that I can’t wait to hear. And there’s also a cover of the Charlie Daniels classic “Devil Went Down to Georgia” on there too.

Along with the new album, Tracy will be returning to Billy Bob’s to commemorate the release with a show on the day the album drops, May 12.

Speaking about the live album, Tracy shared his admiration for a venue like Billy Bob’s:

“Billy Bob’s is a show that I’ve always looked forward to playing throughout the years.

I have a lot of family and friends in Texas that come out and the history of this venue makes for a really fun show. I’m excited for fans to be able to hear the energy that my band helps me create while on the road.”

Tracy’s played more than 30 shows at the legendary honky tonk over the years, so it’s pretty cool to get a live album from such an iconic venue.

If you’re in the Dallas area, might wanna get up there on May 12 to check out the show. And if you’re not, at least you’ve got a live album to look forward to dropping on the same day.

Tracy Lawrence Live at Billy Bob’s Texas track listing:
  1. “Made In America”
  2. “Find Out Who Your Friends Are”
  3. “If The World Had A Front Porch”
  4. “As Any Fool Can See”
  5. “Stars Over Texas”
  6. “Don’t Drink Whiskey”
  7. “How A Cowgirl Says Goodbye”
  8. “Texas Tornado”
  9. “Nothing Burns Like You”
  10. “In Color”
  11. “Sticks And Stones”
  12. “Alibis”
  13. “Can’t Break It To My Heart”
  14. “The Devil Went Down To Georgia”
  15. “Time Marches On”
  16. “Paint Me A Birmingham”
  17. “I See It Now”
  18. “Better Man, Better Off”
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