“Master’s Girl” Aaliyah Kikumoto Looking To Follow In Golf Influencer Paige Spiranac’s Footsteps

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Aaliyah Kikumoto, who went viral when she was featured in the background of CBS’s Masters Tournament broadcast, is doing her best to extend her “15 minutes of fame.”

As Kikumuto, who has know been coined the “Master’s Girl,” was standing in the crowd behind professional golfers Jon Rahm (eventual champion) and Brooks Koepka, a TikTok account captured the moment on their TV screen and posted this video below.

The caption for the TikTok is:

“Somehow I fell in love with someone I only saw for 15 seconds.”


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The TikTok has been viewed over 6 million times, and Kikumoto eventually revealed herself to be the one standing behind the golfers on the 16th tee.

The “Master’s Girl” was recently interviewed by the U.K.’s Daily Star and explained the whirlwind feeling of becoming a viral moment like she did at the Master’s:

“It has been quite the experience for me and family.

Just hours after the tournament ended, we were driving from Augusta to Atlanta airport and we stopped at a rest area and people recognized us and talked to us.

Then the same thing happened when we got to the airport.”

Being thrust into fame can sometimes be difficult, but it appears that Kikumoto is taking it one step at a time.

Aalliyah was asked about possibly following along in the massively famous golf influencer Paige Spiranac’s footsteps. Kikumoto responded with:

“I definitely want to become an influencer for sure and do great things. As I look at this opportunity, I’m looking to be a multi-disciplined influencer, whether that be dance, golf, modeling, etc.

I’ve got other interests as well which will be announced shortly. I’m sort of like a Swiss army knife.”

Spiranac boats over 4 million Instagram followers:

Kikumoto is currently finishing up her freshman year on the “Poms Squad” at Texas Tech. She went on to tell the Daily Star that she was currently focused on her academics and finishing out the school year.

She also mentioned that she is definitely looking into the life of an influencer, and said this excitingly:

“We’re exploring all options and my dreams,” 

Long term, I want to use my platform to do good, and also be a positive influence or role model to other people.”

Like the Master’s Tournament tagline, it has been “a tradition unlike any other” lately during sporting events for fans that are briefly shown on the broadcast to go viral and be identified.

Kikumoto seems to be exploring all of her options, and though Paige Spiranac has quite the head start as the “original golf influencer,” there might be enough of a market for the “Master’s Girl” to find a seat at the table.

Just imagine if she had stood 3 feet to the right or the left…

Small moments can lead to big change, and the “Master’s Girl” is certainly making the most of her fortunate moment.

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