Luke Combs On Having Two Kids Under Two Years Of Age: “Is Anybody Ever Ready For This?”

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Luke Combs has a lot going for him right now.

He and his wife Nicole recently announced their second baby is on its way, Combs released his new album Gettin’ Old back in March, and his cover song of Tracy Chapman’s “Fast Car” got sent to Top 40 Radio and is seeing massive numbers on streaming platforms.

Though his most recent album gave commentary on aging, it seems like right now is a great time to be the musician and singer Luke Combs.

It’s also a great time to be Luke Combs “the father,” with him and his wife preparing to grow the family in the coming months. The talented country music artist recently sat down with CMT Hot 20 and discussed how he is feeling about having two kids under two years old.

Combs told CMT’s Cody Alan that as intimidating as having his second child is, he and his wife are more than ready to bring on another addition to their family.

Alan set up Combs by emphasizing that he’ll have “two under two,” with the soon older-brother-to-be at 10 months right now.

Combs says with a laugh:

“I will, yes. That’s going to be very hectic. It’s going to be very hectic.”

Alan then asks Combs if both him and his wife are ready for their second child to arrive, to which Combs hilariously responds:

“I mean, is anybody ever ready for this? I don’t know.

I thought I was ready for the first one, and I feel like now I’m good, and right when it was good it was like ‘guess what? we’re having another one.’

And I was like ‘oh man, I felt like we just got comfortable with this one.'”

Though Combs knows that it will be a little bit of an added responsibility for both himself and Nicole, that weight doesn’t take away from the excitement that he has for his second child:

“It’s exciting man, I’m stoked. It’s been so fun being a Dad, it’s so awesome.”

If you think Combs is too busy with his music career to find time for family, that is simply not the case.

It’s actually the exact opposite, and Combs loves every second of being with his wife and child. His recent tour has actually given him a lot of flexibility to find time at home:

“I get to spend a lot of time at home, ya know?

We’re on tour and right now we’re doing stadiums, which for the most part are one night a week.

I’m probably home 5 days a week.”

The most emotional moment of the interview is when Combs speak on how valuable having a relationship with his kids is to him.

Alan mentions that Combs had said he didn’t want to be the Dad that “was just on TV,” and the country artist elaborated on that feeling:

“I’ve heard the horror stories about that, it’s like ‘oh man, that’s my Dad and we never really got to hang out.’

I want to be his Dad. I don’t want him to be like ‘look at my Dad on TV,’ I want him to be like ‘me and my Dad rode the Polaris.’

Just doing fun stuff is more important than all of the lights.”

Combs is certainly one of the hottest country music artists in the industry right now, and it’s evident that he’s also a devoted husband and father to his family.

The industry can sometimes take away one or the other, but Combs seems to be handling it all very well.

The entire clip from CMT Hot 20 Countdown can be seen below:

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