Charles Wesley Godwin Performs The Avett Brothers Hit, “Laundry Room”

Charles Wesley Godwin country music

I don’t know if there are any country acts as hot as Charles Wesley Godwin and his band The Allegheny High right now.

The boys have spent the majority of 2023 on the road, and each headlining show seems to be at a bigger venue than the one they played in any given city the last time they were there, a great sign for a rapidly growing act like CWG. Godwin’s music is the main draw, of course, but for anyone who has seen him live, they know it’s the electric show the whole band puts on that keeps fans coming back and bringing the energy time and time again.

And despite how popular his original music and live show is finally becoming, I still find it super cool to hear Godwin play some of the songs that have inspired and influenced him over the years. The cover of Chris Knight’s “The Jealous Kind” on his February Live From The Church EP was a pretty awesome example, and before his show at The National and Richmond, VA earlier this week, Godwin posted another awesome cover to Instagram.

Alongside fan-favorite pedal steel and banjo player Read “Two Show” Connolly, Godwin absolutely kills this cover of The Avett Brothers’ 2009 hit “Laundry Room.” And if you didn’t catch it on Instagram when he posted it, you need to check this out.

“‘Laundry Room’ by The Avett Brothers. Ol’ Read Connolly joining me on the banjo. Enjoy!”

If you haven’t heard the original, I suggest you give that a listen, too.

One of the hits off of The Avett Brothers’ iconic 2009 record I and Love and You, here is “Laundry Room” live from Bonnaroo 2012.

And while we’re on the topic of Charles Wesley Godwin covers, here are a few more of my favorites that he has done.

“Troubadour” – George Strait

“Don’t Take it Too Bad” – Townes Van Zandt

“You’ll Never Leave Harlan Alive” – Darrell Scott

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