Bella White’s ‘Among Other Things’ Is An Instant Must-Listen

Bella White country music
Bree Marie Fish

Holy smokes.

I have been patiently waiting for this album to drop, eagerly getting more excited as each single began was released over the past months. And now, we can confidently say, Bella White knocked Among Other Things out of the damn park.

“My new record, Among Other Things, is out today y’all. I’m so glad to finally share this with you.

Thank you so much, Johnathan Wilson, for helping me bring these songs to life! And to everyone else who added their magic. I’m so happy!”

The album captures the dynamic sound of White flawlessly. On her 2020 album, Just Like Leaving, she established her bluegrass-rooted sound, and while she keeps that base sound on this album, she tells a story in each song.

The sounds of that story perfectly complimented the composition. The softer Appalachian sound lets her vocal ability shine, and her songwriting talent flood the ears of the listeners.

“Flowers On My Bedside” and “Rhododendron” have been on constant rotation since they dropped as singles, and the rest of the album follows the melancholy theme.

But as we all know, we eat up all of the sad country songs here at Whiskey Riff.

“Marilyn” is a standout track for me. The somber song follows the story of a girl named Marilyn who is stuck in an abusive relationship. The lyrics are shockingly realistic, and the soft acoustic melodies let the words penetrate your soul.

“All the time she spent
learning to love again what
he thought was awful
like her belly growing softer
after she birthed their baby daughter,
I still cannot comprehend
all the sadness that I feel for sweet Marilyn…”

The album is written for the lonely-hearted, those who have been through heartbreak and heartache, and is sure to tug at your heartstrings. Each track is just as impressive as its previous one.

Buckle down with a 12-pack or a bottle of wine, and get ready to feel some heavy sh*t when listening to this album. It is well worth going through slowly, track by track.

My obsession with Bella White is skyrocketing with this album release and I can’t wait to see what tunes she pulls out during her Grand Ole Opry debut on April 25th.

“Best Of Me”



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