LeBron James Gets Torched For Subscribing To Twitter Blue After Saying He Wouldn’t Pay For It

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Today was coined “Twitter Judgement Day” as the social media app began to remove the blue check mark verification badges from those individuals who chose not to pay the $11 per month fee.

After buying Twitter, Elon Musk has made many changes to the 17-year-old social site, but none have made a bigger splash than the modifications to Twitter’s verification system.

Also notice that the “prankster billionaire” Musk made the “Judgement Day” fall on 4/20…which I can confirm was no comical coincidence. The blue check mark used to be given freely to celebrities and other high profile individuals to authenticate that their account was actually owned by them.

Now, Twitter is entering into the “Wild-West,” allowing anyone to pay for the check mark and disrupting the initial intention of the verification system.

Once celebrities heard about the change, many came out to say they would not be paying the monthly fee to keep their blue check marks. One of the most prominent figures to come out against the new fee for verification was Los Angeles Laker and 4-time NBA Champion LeBron James.

James posted to his Twitter account back on March 31st:

“Welp, guess my blue check will be gone soon cause if you know me I ain’t paying the 5.”

Flash forward to today, as many social media accounts “kept the receipts” of LeBron’s anti-blue-check tweet and noticed something strange about James’ account…

It is still verified.

So, in natural social media fashion, it has been all gas and no brakes in roasting the NBA’s all time scoring leader for “LeCapping” and being a “LeLiar.” Take a look at some the best responses on Twitter below.

Freezing Cold Takes definitely kept an eye on LeBron’s account to see if he would lose his verification status:

OutKick’s Clay Travis had some particular words for the James:

Shannon Sharpe’s Burner Account (which I highly recommend following) entered the chat:

Another user referenced “Judgement Day” and called out LeBron James for being hypocritical:

This video seems to make fun of LeBron’s signature move where it looks like he’s going to do something with the ball, then takes it back (very clever metaphor):

And now, below is just a collection of random comments on all of these posts of various Twitter accounts blazing (4/20 joke) LeBron:

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