Alpha Wolf Interrupts His Daughter’s Mating Session, Chases Off Her Partner With His Tale Between His Legs

Wolf dad

That’s awkward…

The dad did not approve of the choice in mates, I guess.

Wolves are large carnivores that are related to domestic dogs. They can weigh up to 175 pounds and stand up to 3.5 feet tall at the shoulder with females typically being a bit smaller.

Wolves are highly social animals that live in packs. These packs typically consist of a dominant breeding pair, known as the alpha male and female, and their offspring from previous years. The size of a pack can vary depending on the availability of food, with larger packs forming in areas where prey is abundant. In general, packs tend to be between 5 and 10 individuals, but can be much larger. In the event that a pack becomes too large, they generally will break off and form two smaller packs.

The alpha male and female are the leaders of the pack, and they are responsible for organizing hunts, defending the pack’s territory and ensuring that the pack works together. The other members of the pack are often related to the alpha pair, either as offspring or as siblings and they work together to help raise and protect the young.

Wolves typically mate for life, with the alpha pair being the only ones in the pack to reproduce. Breeding typically takes place in late winter, and the gestation period for female wolves is around 63 days. The female will give birth to a litter of pups, which are typically born in the spring. The entire pack works together to raise and protect the young, with all members contributing to the care of the pups.

These two wolves are seen beginning to mate. Neither of them are the alpha of the pack and others quickly take notice.

The alpha male comes charging in and puts an end to it chasing off the male from his daughter.

That ain’t happening on his watch.

The young male takes off with his tale between his legs, the walk of shame.

If this was Game Of Thrones and the King caught one of his loyal subjects fooling around with his daughter, he would find his head on a spike. Luckily for this wolf, that wasn’t the case.

This is all to hilarious. Nature is insane.

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