Pizza Delivery Guy Trips Suspect Running From Cops, While Still Holding The Pizza

Pizza delivery

Ya have to love a good “not all heroes wear capes” moment.

It’s pretty wild to think about all of the wild sh*t Ring doorbell cameras pick up.

From wild animals showing up on someone’s front doorstep, to homeless people tweaking out on the front porch, you truly never know what you may catch on these things.

But this time? The Ring doorbell caught some heroic footage.

According to FOX 29 Philadelphia, this all went down in Brookhaven, Pennsylvania.

In the Ring doorbell footage, you can see Tyler Morrell, a Cocco’s Pizzeria delivery man, make his way up to someone’s doorstep.

However, as the woman answers the door, Morrell’s attention is immediately captured by the speeding car that’s flying through the neighborhood, smashes into a telephone pole, and has a couple of police cruisers following behind it.

He screams from the doorstep:

“Oh, sh*t… you better not hit  my f*cking car dude.”

The suspect then continues to flee the police on foot, and that’s when Morrell knew he could either let the culprit go, or come in and save the day for the officers.

He chose the latter, as he decided in a split second to stick out his foot and trip the suspect as he was running by him.

But perhaps the most impressive part is that the pizza didn’t move an inch, and was unharmed.

The pizzeria posted the video to their Instagram account, writing:

“Sorry for the inappropriate language, but we thought it was warranted.

Special shoutout to our delivery driver Tyler, who assisted the Brookhaven police today, and STILL delivered the pizza unharmed!”

Tyler over here living out my dream…

Morrell told the outlet:

“Honestly I didn’t really think about doing anything, but stepping in. I was raised to step in if you see something that’s not right. So, I just wanted to do my part…

I did as much as I could to prevent the cheese from sliding.”

Much respect.

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