Kane Brown Gets Drilled In Nuts With A Rogue Boot During His Show: “I Feel Like I Gotta Sign It”

Kane Brown country music

Man, ya hate to see it…

Incase you were wondering what Kane Brown is up to nowadays, he’s still busy putting out pop music under the disguise of mainstream country music.

He’s up for Entertainer of the Year for the upcoming ACM Awards (how?) along with 4 other nominations, and in the midst of his Drunk Or Dreaming Tour, which is exactly what I would hope to be if I ever had to set foot in one of his concerts.

But thanks to a fan in Kansas, he may be down a nut.

Yep, you read that line correctly…

Brown was playing a show in Wichita, Kansas last Thursday when all of a sudden a rogue boot came flying out of nowhere and hit him square in the ol’ family jewels.

In the video footage, you can see him take his eye off the crowd for one second and point up while performing “One Thing Right,” and that’s when it all happened, sending him to the ground.

Yep, that one isn’t gonna feel good, as any guy knows that’s a different kind of pain that’ll linger around for a little bit before it goes away.

However, Brown was a good sport about it, and proceeded to pick it up and sign it for the fan after he recovered.

“I saw you hold the boot up and then I turned my head, and all the sudden, ugh… it was a good shot, I feel like I gotta sign it.”

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen a bro country singer take a shot to the nuts on stage, as it happened to Luke Bryan at one of his shows a few years back with a beer can, but his reaction was a little less cordial than Brown’s was.

But then again… Brown’s audience is primarily 15 year old girls, so… you’re not  really gonna cuss out one of them.

Here’s the alternate angle:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock