Adorable Little Girl Hilariously Comforts Fish After She Catches It: “It’s Okay Fish, I Love You”

Girl fish

This has to be the most adorable “outdoor-themed” video I’ve ever laid eyes on.

It is always good to take kids into nature and allow them to learn from the wonders of the natural Earth. Fishing and hunting teach patience and other outdoor activities help you become one with nature. All in all, I will always be a proponent of our future generations getting outside and taking it all in.

This young girl is having no problem with that. Not only did she catch the fish, but it appears that she caught feelings for it.

She hugs the largemouth bass in her arms and attempts to comfort it. She must be smart enough to know that the fish isn’t supposed to be out of the water for very long, but she takes a lot of time with the fish (probably struggling to breathe) in her arms and saying all of this:

“It’s okay fish. It’s okay.

I love you. It’s okay.

It’s okay, fish. 

It’s okay, fish.”

The part of the video when the girl brings the fish closer to her with a warm embrace is so heartwarming. If you have ever held a fish out of water, they usually start to “flop” around a bit to try and get back in so they can breathe. With that in mind, I think that the girl’s comforting words and tone are actually doing the trick with this decent sized largemouth bass.

The video’s captions says:

“It’s actually not gonna be okay if you don’t get it back into the water.”

They ain’t wrong…

What a proud moment for the parents. I think it’s safe to say that she’ll be a fisherwoman for life, but based on her feelings towards the fish, I’ve got a feeling she’ll be a connoisseur of the “catch and release” method.

The comments below the video were too good not to mention, so enjoy the best of them that I collected below:

“The fish is like ‘Tf you mean its okay, I’m dying'”

“Awww, don’t tell her she hugged her dinner, lol”

“Plot twist she knew it was dying but she gave it emotional support till the end before buttering that b*tch up and deep frying with a side of garlic potatoes”

Deep fried with garlic potatoes? I know the video is a cute interaction with one of nature’s creatures, but that actually sounds pretty good…

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