Palmer Anthony Drops New Single “Ain’t You Sweet”

Palmer Anthony

That Palmer Anthony boy don’t miss, and the proof is in his latest single, “Ain’t You Sweet.”

His first release since his heater of a single and Kasey Tyndall co-write “Sleep, My Mind & You” back in January, Anthony has done it again with the hard driving break up song “Ain’t You Sweet.”

With clever lyricism and some adventurous instrumentation that shows a slightly new side of Anthony’s prowess, “Ain’t You Sweet” chronicles a man’s self-admitted shortcomings, as a heavy drinker and heartbreaker, and warns a girl he isn’t worth her time.

Penned by Anthony himself and crafted with the help of his band, “Ain’t You Sweet” was a team effort. He took to Twitter yesterday to share a few words in anticipation of the single’s release.

“Hey! We pour our heart into this shit, I wrote this song by myself and my band built this song on the road and I really hope you like it and it’s coming out tonight, it’d mean the world if you told your friend about it too so we can keep chasing our dream okay bye love y’all”

Well, know that it’s out, give the tune a listen yourself.

“Ain’t You Sweet”

I mean, right off the bat this song starts out hot.

“Hook, line, and sinker, you knew I was a drinker
And darlin’ I’m drunk again
I hold on to Heaven like this ain’t a lesson
For a heart too broke to mend…”

For anyone who isn’t familiar with Palmer Anthony yet, the Fort Worth, TX based artist is one of the most promising young acts coming out of Texas at the moment. Anthony released his debut record Western & Roll, an 11 track project that flows seamlessly through good time drinking songs, honky tonk heartbreakers, and just about anything else you’d want in a country album.

As more people have begun to take notice of Anthony’s clear talent, the Texas troubadour has found himself taking the stage at big time shows in support of Randall King, Tanner Usrey, Casey Donahew, and many more, and has found himself on the bill at some of the genre’s biggest music festivals. And the best part is, Palmer Anthony is just getting started.

If you like what you heard in “Ain’t You Sweet,” then stay on the lookout for more new music from Palmer Anthony this year. Something tells me there’s plenty more where that came from.

But in the meantime, jamming his stuff.

Here are a few of my favorites:

“Sleep, My Mind & You”

“Meet Me in Texas” ft. Graycie York

“Forever Gone”

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