Tanner Usrey Longs For Someone To “Pick Up Your Phone” While In Another Lonely, No Name Town On New Single

Tanner Usrey country music

Tanner Usrey has done it again.

The Prosper, Texas native just dropped a brand new song called “Pick Up Your Phone,” which finds him longing for someone to answer his call to fill the void of loneliness in “a town no one knows.”

He keeps the production super simple and stripped back, and has a candid conversation with the listener about how he’s been living too hard and fast, but doesn’t know how to stop the never-ending cycle:

“I woke up on the floor again, sweating poison from my veins
And I don’t know what I’ve become, but I know it’s something that I hate”

It was co-written with producer Beau Bedford (The Texas Gentlemen) and guitarist Tyler Wilkerson, and is a solid single that I’m sure will make a great addition to a (hopefully) new album sometime in 2023:

“You have no idea how much this song means to me. Some of the most personal I’ve EVER been. ‘Pick Up Your Phone’ out everywhere tomorrow.”

Tanner took to Instagram to share a little bit about the song and how personal it is to him, and also included some of the feedback he received on it prior to release day, and I have to say, I agree with all of it:

Make sure you check out the new single:

Back in August we got a taste of new music from him with  “Take Me Home”:

Tanner’s “The Light” was also featured in Yellowstone Season 4.

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