Lee Ann Womack’s “I Hope You Dance” Takes Center Stage In One Love Story On Netflix’s ‘Love Is Blind’

Love is Blind

Lee Ann Womack’s timeless hit, “I Hope You Dance” is still bringing people together 23 years later.

And I mean this quite literally… the song has been featured and discussed several times on Netflix’s current season of its matchmaking show – Love Is Blind. And it’s been given the credit for bringing one of the current couples together after they both expressed a deep love for it during their “time in the pods.”

If you don’t already partake of trash television, then let me give you a quick summary…

This show consists of tens of vetted singles coming together for a social experiment to test if “love is truly blind.” And believe me, if you watch, you’re going to hear that line at least thirty times…

Anyway, the couples start by essentially speed dating in pods that prevent them from seeing one another but allow them to talk, and they narrow the field to connect more often with people who have caught their interest. The show hits its climax when couples begin proposing to potential partners, and an accepted proposal allows the couple to finally meet face-to-face. They then enter the real world together to see if things can last before ultimately meeting at the altar to accept or reject marriage in front of all their friends and family.

It seems to be pretty high stakes for the participating couples as the whole thing happens in about a month.

This season consisted of quite a few interesting characters, including the most notable oddball – Zack Goytowski, a criminal defense attorney. Spoiler alert, he ultimately proposes to his love interest Bliss Poureetezadi (in a less than orderly fashion), and he felt certain about their connection because the two bonded over Lee Ann’s “I Hope You Dance.”

In the pods, Zack shared with Bliss that his late mother had dedicated the song to him when he was a teenager, and Bliss shared the same sentiment, saying it was also her mother’s song for her and that she can sing the song from memory.

As a country music fan, I guess I neglected to see how this wasn’t an average-level ability. I would have considered this 2000s’ hit mainstream, but after seeing the reactions to them sharing this memory with friends and family, it seems a lot more momentous. Apparently this song is not that well known?

Zack told his friends that he felt that connection over the song was one of the reassuring conversations he circles back to often, and he felt the moment marked the two’s fate together.

So in essence, country music is really starring in these two’s love story.

@alyssasentatiktok This is so funny to me #loveisblindseason4 #lib #loveisblind #zackloveisblind ♬ original sound – Alyssa

In a clip of the scene shared by Netflix of the two lovebirds’ conversation, Lee Ann Womack responded personally and said she was waiting to hear the two sing the song by memory like they claimed they could:

“Let’s hear it! I’m listening!”

But honestly Lee Ann, I think singing this song by heart isn’t hardly the rare skill it’s been made out to be on Netflix…

Also, is “I Hope You Dance” really a first dance song? Seems more like a mother/son or a father/daughter dance song to me.

You be the judge…


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