Bass Boat Wrecks Topping Out At 102 MPH

Bass boat

Not sure why you would need a bass boat to go 100 miles per hour (maybe the race to the “honey hole” is that important in fishing tournaments), but this video proves why they shouldn’t.

Miraculously, neither of the individuals aboard the boat were injured…

The video begins with the caption of:

“Trying to Beat My Previous 106 MPH Bass Boat Speed Record”

So apparently these guys have some prior experience in supping-up the old “bass tracker” and making it climb past the 100 MPH part of the speedometer. The water they are gliding across looks relatively smooth, and with a straightaway in front of them, the boaters start giving the boat all the gas it can take.

The camera focuses on the speedometer that is being held by the person in the passenger seat, which steadily increases as the boat flies across the water. The miles per hour continue to click up until they reach 100, then it starts to level out. At this speed, gaining even one more MPH is a struggle, and the boat is clearly reaching its limit.

The speedometer climbs to 101, then as the boat continues to shake, it levels up again to 102. The video doesn’t leave much room for suspense, as right before the boat loses control, the caption of “BLOWOUT!” appears on the screen.

The boat flips, the passengers submerge under the water, and the camera somehow keeps rolling:

The rest of the video captures the two passengers swimming back to the boat and assessing damage. Pictures of the damage that the high speed crash caused pan slowly across the screen.

A caption midways through the video concedes that the pair made some wrong moves with the boat (probably trying to make it go so fast?) and they thanked God for taking care of them through the wreck. At that speed, even hitting the water could cause severe injury or death, yet the two returned the boat seemingly okay as if they just got thrown off a tube being pulled by a pontoon boat.

At the very end of the video, for some reason, they list all the specs of the boat that they crashed in the video.


Usually you see a “don’t try this at home” disclaimer after a video like this. Instead, they decided to say “hey we were lucky to be alive, and if you want to test your luck, here is how you should fix up your very own high-speed boat.”

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A beer bottle on a dock