Pilot Safely Lands Plane After A Cobra Crawls Up His Shirt Mid-Flight


Add this guy to the list of people who are sick of these motherf*cking snakes on this motherf*cking plane.

Except as ridiculous as the Samuel L. Jackson movie was, this incident was no laughing matter.

A South African pilot safely landed the airplane he was piloting after a cape cobra slid up his shirt mid-flight.

According to the pilot, Rudolf Erasmus, he felt something cold slide across his lower back, and assumed his water bottle was leaking. But when he looked back, he saw the head of the deadly snake disappearing back under his seat.

Erasmus, who had four passengers with him on the flight (five if you count the cobra), called air traffic control to request an emergency landing – but the flight lasted another 10 to 15 minutes before he could safely bring the plane down.

Man, I can’t even imagine having to fly a plane for 15 minutes knowing that there’s a deadly snake within striking distance. One wrong move by the pilot or a strong bump of turbulence to piss him off and this story could have had a very different ending.

Just get me a parachute at that point. Hell, forget the parachute. I’m out either way.

But Erasmus was able to safely land the plane, which was greeted by emergency crews and snake handlers ready to capture the unwelcome passenger.

The only problem? After tearing the plane apart, they couldn’t find it.

According to the pilot, before the flight he had heard from others at the airport that the venomous cobra was hiding underneath the wings of the plane and may have gotten into the engine cowling. But after searching the plane, there was no sign of the snake, so the flight went on as scheduled.

Yeah, I would have probably changed my plans if I’d known there was a freakin’ COBRA unaccounted for anywhere near the small enclosed space I was about to enter.

And after the flight, despite searching the plane for two days, there was still no sign of the snake – and Erasmus had to fly the plane back to its owners. (The passengers decided not to join him on this flight).

So Erasmus put on a thick winter jacket, wrapped a blanket around his seat, and kept a fire extinguisher, a can of bug spray and a golf club within arms reach, and took off once again – still not knowing where the deadly cobra had gone, or if it was still somehow in the plane.

Gotta be honest, I don’t really care how much protection I have. Until I see the snake leave the plane, I’m not getting back in. That’s the cobra’s plane now. Because that’s a hell of a surprise to get mid-air.

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