Pack Of Coyotes Go To War With A Bunch Of Mule Deer

Deer coyotes

Nature is insane.

This has to be the most wild battle I’ve seen on the internet. There’s so much going on.

I always hate to see an animal I like go down to the dogs. Coyotes make themselves easy to hate for any hunter, farmer, or wildlife lover.

Coyotes are a species of wild dog found throughout North America, known for their intelligence. They are skilled predators, hunting a variety of prey species including small mammals, birds and even larger animals like mule deer. Coyotes have a body length of up to four feet and a weigh up to 45 pounds.

Coyotes are opportunistic hunters and will eat a wide variety of prey depending on the time of year and what area they are in. Typically, coyotes are solitary hunters, but they often do share their food or team up, sometimes forming pack sized groups to take out large prey such as deer or elk.

Mule deer are a common species of deer found throughout western North America. They can weigh up 300 pounds. Muleys are known for their large, distinctive ears and their massive forking antlers.

This man was out in the mountains doing some glassin’, watching some elk. He noticed a couple of coyotes on the move and followed them.

He watches the coyotes go after a mule deer fawn. They fight with its mother who retreats. They get it quickly and a few more dogs roll in to get a piece. A couple more dogs come, but the mother circles in and goes back after the coyotes.

Out of nowhere, more muleys show up to help out. They join in on trying to protect the fawn all squaring up with the coyotes. They deer  fight hard and are successful as they get the fawn to a safe place in amongst them.

But, the dogs all circle back in with a surprise, this time quickly grabbing and eating the fawn as the deer were to tired for their quick attack.

And that’s nature.

It’s harsh, but wow, that was pretty cool.

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